UHF-Internet connects your home or small business to the internet within a radius of 40klms around Bulawayo. Ideal for the remote location away from the Bulawayo CBD that needs online access for email and internet connections. Packages are all uncapped so there is no need to worry about hidden costs or disconnections that might occur when leased expected. Connecting a Wi-Fi unit to the modem makes you and your computer cable free to use anywhere at the installed site.

How do I get connected?

This is easy, a site survey will be done to make sure you not hidden behind any mountains and unable to receive signal. Once signal is found, an aerial is fixed to the outside of the building with a coax cable that runs down in to the premises. This connects to a modem and then to your computer or Wi-Fi unit. And that’s it. Installation takes a couple of hours and you’re ready to conduct business from home, educate your family or enjoy social networking with friends.

Does it work?

With the backing of Transmedia at Montrose studios and the regulatory board Potraz, you are assured of uninterrupted system changes or down time. With years of usage, the UHF platform has proven to be a stable way to connect client premises to the NetConnect fiber portal.

How much does it cost?

The UHF equipment costs U$350.00 The Wi-Fi routes start at U$38.00 depending on the area you would like to cover with internet Wi-Fi. Installation and configuration costs U$50.00. Monthly bandwidth charges are printed on the reverse of this

Please Remember when you choose a broad band package type, it has to be connected to your premises. This is where the “Last-Mile” information comes in. So, if you would like a Megamail connection for example, to shift all your mail and browse to your heart’s content, then you will have to use the leased lines or UHF or WiMax connections, to bridge the gap between yourselves and NetConnect.

Typical UHF Client Installation Price Package….

  • UHF Equipment U$150.00
  • Installation U$  00
  • Sundries U$  00
  • Wireless Router U$  00
  • Transmedia Monthly Fee U$  00
  • NetConnect Monthly Bandwidth Fee U$  00
  • Initial payment U$220.00