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VoIP (pronounced voyp) is the name of a new communications technology that changes the meaning of the phrase telephone call.

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol, and it means “voice transmitted over a computer network.”

You may be wondering what all this means in terms of your actual telephone. This is the really cool part, you can access your account on the VoIP network by a desktop telephone, a wireless IP phone (similar to a cell phone), or the soft screen dial pad of your laptop or desktop computer.

As you can imagine, VoIP is a win-win for everyone. The added flexibility and quicker response times translate into greater customer satisfaction and increased productivity throughout your organization.

Do you have an existing phone infrastructure? Keep it and plug the VoIP system next to it. No need to change handsets, no need to retrain staff in call procedure, just get a cheaper bill at the end of the month.

Oh and by the way, we haven’t got to the good part yet, the price of calls per minute are cheap. In comparison to local Telecom call charges, this is a call cost of a 3rd in comparison. Calls made on your existing handset or a VoIP handset are clear and go through first time if the number dialed is free.

If you’re a company, why not ask for one number and have it shared between ten internal handsets, which means with one number you can make ten simultaneous incoming or outgoing calls.

If you have Wi-Fi on your premises, calls can be routed through to your cell phone. Calling an extension when an employee is away from their desk is no longer a problem, after a set amount of rings, the call will follow through to the employee cell phone. If you’re out of range on your Wi-Fi, then enable your data on your smart phone and use your extension to make calls, it’s as simple as that.

The easy step forward, in to the VoIP world, may seem like a journey in to the unknown, don’t let that hold you back from saving money so simply.

Ask for a free test period for a week, make all your calls at no charge during the test period, and ask for a detailed printout of who phoned who for how long and what it cost.

At NetConnect we are confident that a week’s worth of calls you make in a test period is cheap enough for us to carry the cost and have you make a step in the wright direction!!!!

Please note that the MyPbx units are extremely versatile and can do just about anything you can think of with a phone call.

For any other information in connection with telephone or VoIP calls, you know what to do.