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Farbell Enterprises T/A NetConnect is a long established hub providing a diverse range of services and skills with a customer orientated attitude including: Networking solutions between individuals and wide area networks with a variety of terminating equipment for the purpose of  communication of voice or IP data..

UHF Internet

UHF Internet

UHF-Internet connects your home or small business to the internet within a radius of 40kms around Bulawayo. Ideal for the remote location away from the Bulawayo CBD that needs online access for email and internet connections. Packages are all …



VoIP (pronounced voyp) is the name of a new communications technology that changes the meaning of the phrase telephone call. VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol, and it means “voice transmitted over a computer network.” You may …

Offnet Wi-Fi Advertising

Offnet Wi-Fi Advertising

Offnet is a facility that allows computers, smartphones, or other wireless devices to connect wirelessly within a particular area without an internet connection.

Our Services

NetConnect is a leading Zimbabwe internet and network provider. Get professional services and IT support.


Installations throughout Zimbabwe are carried out as part of NetConnect’s versatile internet connection profile.

Use a Zimbabwe internet and network provider to get online.


Not sure what Xen Cloud Server System is? Ask Amazon or Google.

It’s what they use to have 100% uptime server accessibility!!!


With company LAN’s and internal infrastructure being accessed by so many people and so many locations, domain security needs to be tight.


Yes, NetConnect supplies bandwidth. If you need a packet transported to a destination in a specific way, then we can provide the packet and the routes for you.


TechStore aims to be competitive and supply equipment varying from specialized server hardware and software to every day computers, printers and wireless routers.


Netconnect has always considered security and connectivity between company departments of high importance.

About Us

Netconnect has been in the bandwidth business since 1998.

Historically this was processed through the traditional dial up mechanism (don’t laugh, it was all the rage back then). In keeping with international bandwidth supply, NetConnect has always been at the forefront of internet connectivity and bandwidth management.

Proudly the first in Bulawayo to run a successful internet café.
Proudly the first in Bulawayo to offer simplex then duplex VSat bandwidth supply.
Proudly the first in Bulawayo to have fiber connectivity for resale to corporates and the general public.

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