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NetConnect Services

NetConnect Services are wide-ranging and our professional know-how will get you what you want.


Installations throughout Zimbabwe are carried out as part of NetConnect’s versatile internet connection profile.

Being POTRAZ licensed ensures that all V-Sat terminals installed are lawful and pass all POTRAZ stringent requirements.

With the NewTec V-Sat hub in South Africa, there are enough bandwidth package types on offer to fill every need. From commercial grade to small enterprise to home basic that will be affordable and competitive to any individual or corporate needs or budget.

What more could you ask for when the hub is practically at your front door.

VPN Networks

Netconnect has always considered security and connectivity between company departments of high importance.

With cisco and PFSense to choose from, depending on client needs or diversity of location, connectivity can be assured.

With impenetrable data security, no matter where your location on the globe, logging on to your company servers is as easy as 1,2,3 and as secure as Fort Knox.


It seems strange that a system that genuinely saves you money hasn’t caught on quicker in Zimbabwe considering how Zimbabweans are, at saving the pennies.

In first world countries VoIP is the backbone of voice communication because it is extremely ‘cheap’ and very reliable.

With features that out way local Telecom connections, like call parking, Conference Calling, time based calling, Pin User calling, Call Recording, Call cost based Routing, Multiple concurrent calling on One Number, Ring group, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), MS Outlook Integration and the list goes on. Being Elastix standard based, you can do just about anything with a call.

Would you like to bring your current monthly phone bills down by half? Call us and we can connect a VoIP phone to any internet connection so you can start saving monies. 

Fedena School Management

School management software can always be a bit tricky to implement and manage.

With so many individuals in the school needing to input, retrieve, manipulate data constantly and continually, the system has to be robust, tried and tested and easy to use.

Fedena is world renowned for its friendly ease of input and use with industrial strength reliability.

With the ability to keep track student and teacher attendance, student report features, grade watch, all the way through to pupil account payment records, teacher salaries generation and account keeping.

Teaches may login on line from anywhere in the world to update records or reports, parents may logging from home to check on students grades or general information.

Xen Cloud Server

Finally, a server failover system that will back up my current servers, replicate them over multiple servers and hold them on line indefinably with the option to migrate, expand and have offsite server replication for 99.99% information backup and uptime.

Not sure what Xen Cloud Server System is?

Ask Amazon or Google. It’s what they use to have 100% uptime server accessibility!!!  


Coverage through NetConnect is expanding around Bulawayo’s central business district every day, giving our client’s freedom to access their bandwidth on the move.

To get the latest hotspot locations just email

If you are not already a NetConnect client, you can purchase prepaid hotspot access from our centrally located offices.

Domain Infrastructure

With company LAN’s and internal infrastructure being accessed by so many people and so many locations, domain security needs to be tight.

NetConnect recommends and installs, country wide or even continent wide Active Directory infrastructure.

With domain log-in security handled by LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory handles log-in security so as to keep un-wanted user access out and authorized users in, to company information stored on data servers or SSL Email servers.

Bandwidth Management

Where did all our bandwidth go?

If your company network is not controlled, then all your bandwidth will be used by unsolicited users and or unsolicited programs.

To keep a tight lid on bandwidth usage, NetConnect offers many different firewalled, Ip based monitoring systems.

When bandwidth is needed in a company for critical needs, users need to be governed to what can be used at the correct times so as not to inhibit functionality for the important tasks at hand.

Proxy servers may be implemented to offer off line internet content. Ftp servers may keep large amounts of data on site so as to elevate content from being down loaded from expensive international bandwidth.


The TechStore was developed to assist NetConnect clients that were asking for assistance with their personal computer hardware queries.

Hardware recommendations, based on our knowledge of the clients prime business functionality is key to assisting in the correct hardware purchased to function correctly on the task required.

TechStore aims to be competitive and supply equipment varying from specialized server hardware and software to every day computers, printers and wireless routers.


Yes, NetConnect services include supplying bandwidth.

If you need a packet transported to a destination in a specific way, then we can provide the packet and the routes for you.

With Fibre installations being the way forward, NetConnect is a channel partner with Liquid as a recommended reseller in the CBD.

If you require connections out of the CBD, NetConnect installs the UHF system that will push up to 3meg on our uncapped packages as far as 35klm out of town.

Further than that? Use the NewTec VSat platform for bandwidth accessibility anywhere in Zimbabwe.