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Offnet Wi-Fi Advertising

Offnet Wi-Fi Advertising

Offnet is a facility that allows computers, smartphones, or other wireless devices to connect wirelessly within a particular area without an internet connection.

Designed with developing countries in mind, with limited infrastructure and costly communication options, Offnet is targeted towards small and medium sized businesses.

Offnet offers Wi-Fi Advertising for your business via a Hotspot to those that want to connect using a mobile device, table or laptop to your business.

Once the user connects to your hotspot the browser can be redirected to a website or file allowing the user to view any content, Info, Products and services you wish to advertise, all without requiring an internet connection or cellular data, effectively costing the user nothing.

And all this is hosted locally, eliminating yearly domain and hosting charges.

This is perfect for multiple forms of promotion and or brand awareness.

Wi-Fi Anywhere

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